Would your district like someone else to handle your substitute program?

Penmac Education Staffing is not a call center—you’ll be able to call and text staff directly if you have questions or concerns. With more than thirty years in staffing, Penmac is an expert in recruiting, training, managing and supporting staff. Its Education Staffing division is a continuation of this—substitutes are qualified, trained and supported in the classroom; not just a placeholder while the teacher is out.

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Learn how our substitute program can support your district.


Penmac not only offers professional development to its subs, but also provides supervision and feedback from experienced educators.


When you consider payroll taxes, workers' comp, recruitment, and screening-- costs add up. Penmac can save your district money by covering these expenses on your behalf.


Penmac can take care of background checks, payroll, sub certifications, recruitment, scheduling, and more, giving your district staff time to focus on other priorities.


From small, rural districts to large urban ones, Penmac can customize a substitute program that's right for you. We encourage open, ongoing communication.